John Mucci performs classic silent films

16mm film, live performance, films from the Golden Era of Comedy. Great idea for special events, film societies, social clubs and churches!

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from "Steamboat Bill, Jr.
with Buster Keaton

Live Silent Film Accompaniment

Charlie Chaplin. Buster Keaton. Harold Lloyd. Laurel and Hardy. Names that defined cinematic comedy in the 1920's. While five generations have continued to praise their imagination, their superb timing and even insight into human character, unless you see their films as they were meant to be seen, with a large audience, projected in the dark, and accompanied by a sympathetic musician.

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John Mucci - Sound for Silents

Today's audiences find that this is a different kind of humor--one that is not based on cruelty, as so much modern comedy is. They rock with laughter: adults and kids, as well as elderly viewers, some of whom remember the films from when they first came out. Most of them are astonished at the sophistication of the film production, expecting it to be naive and primitive. It's a chance to re-live history; not only from the active scenes shot in the 1920s, (as well as hairdos, fashion and cars), but to think of yourself as enjoying a feature film just as your great-grandfather might have.

John Mucci has been accompanying silent films since 1972, and has been acclaimed as "bringing the silents back to life" and providing "hair-raising experiences" during the many chase scenes to delighted audiences in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York and Arizona.

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A great idea as a special event for libraries, schools, churches, granges, social groups, clubs, and film societies, Mr. Mucci can provide the 16mm film, projector, and keyboard skills; the venue provides a screen and piano; but there are many variants to suit the location and resources of the hosting group.

Call 203-722-6751 to learn more. See here for a long-running yearly film series.

Comedies are King -- but many silent dramas are just as compelling. Think Phantom of the Opera for Halloween... King of Kings or Ben-Hur for church groups. Cecil B. de Mille's The Cheat for a real hair-raising drama.

Films in repertoire:

Buster Keaton
Our Hospitality
The General
Steamboat Bill, Jr.
The Cameraman
Seven Chances
Battling Butler
Sherlock, Jr.
My Wife's Relations
The Haunted House
The Electric House
The Scarecrow

Cecil B. DeMille
King of Kings
The Cheat
Why Change Your Wife?

Lon Chaney
Phantom of the Opera

Rudolph Valentino
The Sheik
Son of the Sheik

Laurel & Hardy
Big Business
Two Tars
Putting Pants on Phillip

Ladislaw Starewicz
Revenge of the
Kinematographic Cameraman

Clara Bow
Black Oxen

D.W. Griffith
Orphans of the Storm
Birth of a Nation
A Corner in Wheat
Willful Peg
House with Closed Shutters

Harold Lloyd
Safety Last!
The Kid Brother
For Heaven's Sake

Max Davidson
Pass The Gravy

Charley Chase
Young Oldfield
Limousine Love
Mighty Like a Moose
His Wooden Wedding
Midsummer Mush

W.C. Fields
Running Wild

Mary Pickford
My Best Girl

Marion Davies
The Patsy

DVD Silent Films available at
Robinson Crusoe
The Mystery of Dead Man's Isle
No Man's Law
Lindbergh's Flight and Return
The Fall Guy
Twelve D.W. Griffith Shorts, some featuring Mary Pickford
The Story of Santa Claus
Queen of the Chorus
Tol'able David
Ventures of Marguerite