Rosina Storchio in the role of Zazà
(no number)

While Storchio is in the same costume as she is in the other
Act I card, and even though the background looks the same, this card has no number on it, and probably was not part of the original Alterroca-Terni series. However, how can one pass it up? Her expression is priceless, the pose is truly seductive; this must have been Rosina Storchio at her best.

This hand-colored card has very subtle flesh tones to it, with delicate blue and pink feathers on her fan and her headdress. It's also the beautiful bright orange Uruguay stamp in the corner, that makes me feel this as one of my favorites of all the Zazà poses.

In red ink is written "Esta es la mujer par excelensia: promete allegria, risas y asintos, besos y coniños, y ... So que promete ... lo dà. Z... 24 X. 05"

I shall have it better transcribed and translated soon.


Obvioiusly different from all the other cards in the series, this one is printed in ten languages. It originated in the República Oriental del Uruguay, postmarked from Montevideo, 24 October 1919--although the writing in red on the face clearly reads "24 - X - 05." I could be wrong about the "X" (i.e, October), but the 05 is clear. And more in keeping with the dates, as 1919 is quite late for Rosina Storchio to be considered in this opera. It is addressed to Señorita Roma Calvasino. How it got to its destination with no address more than that is a mystery.