Act I. Card   #2622

A very nicely tinted card, with Rosina's costume highlighted
with pink and blue, the same pink coloring Sammarco's

There is no printing on the bottom of this card, other than the card number and the rather mysterious "NRM" -- see the note below. Perhaps it is a distribution company? The numbering system is different from the previous cards. These seem to have been printed for the South American market; this card was addressed but not posted.

At this point in the opera, we are backstage in a concert café. At one side is Zazà's dressing-room, and at the other a section of the stage.

Cascart, who sings with Zazà, looks upon her as his special property, visits her in her dressing-room to tell her of his new engagement at Marseilles and to propose taking her along.


This card was never postmarked, but was addressed to "Senorita Celina Continho" in the "Cuidad" -- but what city?

There is a rather mysterious emblem in the lower left hand corner: "NRM." A star and a sword. What does it mean?