Act I. Card   #2092

This card comes from the original series. But numerically, it seems to come before the previous cards. As an introductory card, it is rather casual. After seeing Zaza and Cascart in their on-stage garb, it is almost shocking to see them in this state.

In this scene, Zaza receives Cascart into her changing room; she is in obvious déshabille, (and the two of them look rather louche as well...). But Zaza seems so very happy to see Cascart, and Cascart seems to be mugging for the camera. While in the opera he is a performer who is Zaza's best friend, he has no designs on her. Today we would probably cast him as a concerned gay friend.

The printing on the bottom states the Alterocca-Terni mark, with the photographer credit as well. It has all the respectability of the "original" card taken and printed in Milan.

I do wish I could read the writing at the foot of the card; it seems to say "Arriva Splendido" and then signed in a splendid loopy script that is impossible to report with certainty. "Sorsorre?"

However, what I've transcribed above sounds Spanish: and the markings on the reverse seem to be Italian.

A great one-centissimo stamp of the day, and a bull's-eye cancellation from "Palermo 1903". There is an additional stamp that seems to read "53" in a loop.

The card seems to be addressed to the same man as the first card: "Sig.[nor] Guisseppino Battaglia/Via Lottarissimo/Palermo."