Act I. Card   #1229
A Noi, Zazà!

While there are 2 sets that seem to have been well-printed, there are another two sets that are cheaply printed. This is one of the latter, having a new numbering system, a different cropping of the picture, with a feathered edge on the right, and a very contrasty photo, unfortunately losing much of the original's subtlety.

On the side it reads "1229, Fotocromo, Milano" and across the bottom it says "Zazà (sop. Storchio) Cascart (bar. Sammarco)"

The coarse printing says that it was photographed from a positive, not taken from a negative, but the cropping shows more of the backdrop over their heads, with the musical phrase given more airspace above it. It's not the worst treatment of this pose, but it has a very tired look, as though the last of the run.

Only the letter "R" scrawled with a blue editor's crayon on this one. The back is not one I've seen on others. But the simplicity of the whole card says that it was sold cheaply, and may have been issued much later than the original versions.