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Act I. Card  ----

By all appearances, this seems to be the bottom of the line version of all these cards that were sold. While it preserves the same large format as the previous, it obviously does not come from the original negative; it seems to be a dupe (or worse) that is colored to hide its defects rather than enhance its pictorial beauty.

It has no number as part of a series, but has the odd term S A L T printed on the left side of the card.

At the bottom, as before, is "Zaza - sop. Storchio" and "Cascart - Bar. Sammarco." No photographer, no engraver, no publisher named.

At present I have two others in the SALT series - all have the same backs, all are unnumbered. There is a small figure in the lower right hand corner that is either "503" or "305" or perhaps "50/" hand written or stamped on, in very small characters. All three of the SALT cards have some figure in the same spot, but they are not all the same. Perhaps they are marks from another collector who was wishing to identify them somehow.