John C Mucci

Acting & Theatrical Experience

Key to the following:

Author [incl. co-author], Talent [Actor], Composer, Producer, Singer, Director, Musical Director.
(Character name in italics)

Television:"Uncovering Shakespeare: An Update" PBSA, P, D
"Spinoza and the Affect of Sorrow"PBST, A, D
"Russel's Back Yard"WTAE, OHA, C
"Fairfield Gallery 5" (Franz)PBSA, T, S, D
"Fairfield Gallery 6"PBSA, D
"Purdy's Station"PBSC
"Making Art"PBSP
"Saving Art"PBSA, D, C
Regional Theatre:"Phædra"Mesa College, AZC
"The Dance of Death, Part One"CMU, PAC
"Hedda Gabler"Danville, KYC
"Die Dreigroschenoper"Hunter College, NYCA
"A Cry of Players" (Sir Thomas)Theatre 308T
"R.U.R." (Alquist)Theatre 308T
"Arsenic & Old Lace" (Einstein)Theatre 308T
Antigone (Hémon)CCTVT
"Dracula Undressed" Comm. Coll. PittsburghA
"Hillary's Tea"A
"Russel's Back Yard"Market St. PlayersA, C
"Rocco the Rolling Stone"Pbgh. Poor PlayersA, C
"Another Tortoise, Another Hare"Westhill, KYA, C
"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"Kweskin, CTM
"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"U. Bridgept.M
"Never Too Late"Market St. PlayersC
"Starting Here, Starting Now"Stratford, CTM, T
"The Little Prince"Stratford, CTM, C
"Surratt"Valhalla, NYA
"Black Comedy" (Melkitt)Theatre 308T
Dinner Theatre:"Henry VIII: This is Thy Life!" (Courtier)Wilton SingersT, A, S, C
"Close to the Seat of Power" (Recruit)Wilton SingersT, A, S
"The Art of Courtly Love" (Courtier)Wilton SingersT, A, S

Training: Carnegie-Mellon University (BA); Fairfield University (MA).
Acting: Jack Dahlby, Phyllis Gibson.
Voice and singing: Arthur Sjögren, Arden Anderson Broecking, James Wetherald.
Scripting and Dramaturgy: Arthur Wilmurt, Gladys Schmitt, Richard Felnagle.
Music Theory and Composition: Elisabeth Day, Leonardo Balada.

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