John Mucci


Scores for PBS

I have studied silent film most of my career and have lectured on them, as well as performed at Sacred Heart University (CT), Fairfield University (CT), Community College of Allegheny County (PA), and Plum Hills School (CT) as well as other schools, private institutions and concert halls in the Northeast.

In my home town, I perform in February at the Wilton Cannon Grange. Here are the announcements for:

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

...and have performed at the Wilton Library, Meadow Ridge in Redding, the Wood Memorial Library in East Hartford, as well as Cannon Grange in Wilton.

Some scored silent films are available on DVD (see below)

The following are most of the films I have performed, multiple times.

Live film scores for classic silent films

The Kid Brother
Our Hospitality
Safety Last
The Lodger The Manxman
Seven Chances Steamboat Bill, Jr.
The General The Gold Rush
Orphans of the Storm Intolerance
Battleship Potemkin Metropolis
Beloved Rogue

DVD silent films

with my scores available through ReelClassicDVDs: