16mm film, live performance, films from the Golden Era of Comedy. Great idea for special events, film societies, social clubs and churches!

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An excerpt from "No Man's Law," a Hal Roach Silent Film with live piano accompaniment by John Mucci. Available through

In this scene, Sharkey Nye, played by Oliver Hardy (the villain!) is grudgingly plotting with his partner, Spider O'Day (Theodore von Eltz) as to how to get a gold mine away from Jack Belcher, played by Jim Finlayson. He is interrupted by the sight of Belcher's daughter Toby (played by Barbara Kent) skinny-dipping in the local quarry. The tension is relieved by the omnipresent, protective ministrations of Rex the Wonder Horse, the true hero of the film...

Live Silent Film Accompaniment


John Mucci has been accompanying silent films since 1972, and has been acclaimed as "bringing the silents back to life" and providing "hair-raising experiences" during the many chase scenes to delighted audiences in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York and Arizona.

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Comedies are King -- but many silent dramas are just as compelling. Think Phantom of the Opera for Halloween... King of Kings or Ben-Hur for church groups.

Second excerpt from "No Man's Law" in which one of the villains, (Theodore von Eltz), turns out to be the hero! And he takes on the real tough-guy, Oliver Hardy, in a knock-down drag-em out fight. This is the first fight scene; the final fight scene is harrowing and climactic -- you need to buy the DVD to see the end of the picture.

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