John Mucci
Music written and performed, 1971-2012

Items marked with an asterisk appear as
Audio Samples (MP3). Some scores are available for purchase on line.

  1. The Dance of Death. Incidental music for Strindberg's play, including 8-minute pantomime. (4 numbers) [piano solo]
  2. *SodomSong. For guitar and voice. With Ross Rhodes. (2 minutes)


  3. Violin Concerto. One-movement concerto based on themes from The Dance of Death. [17 mins.]
  4. * Rocco The Rolling Stone. Children's opera, performed by the Pittsburgh Poor Players. (9 numbers) [Woodwind Quintet, 42 mins; play 90 min. total]
  5. Miserere. Choral work for The Grand Inquisitor, drama by Ann Wyma. [TBB; 3 minutes]


  6. The Adventures of Russel Kunkle. Series of 7 musical plays for children. (16 numbers) [piano, voices incl. 2-part choruses; 45 minutes music, with plays, 240 mins. total]


  7. Never Too Late. Incidental music for the play (4 numbers, includes 4 minute panotmime titled "Carpenters' Two-Step"). [piano, Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet in Bb, Trombone, Tuba, Saw/Wood, Hammer/Wood/Nails (2)]
  8. Lullaby for Maranda. Baptismal number. [flute, two guitars; 3 mins]
  9. Tao Te Ch'ing. Song [Soprano, string quartet, flute; 2 mins.]


  10. Thorndyke Family Hymn. Opening music for a children's television program. [Orchestra, 1 min.]


  11. The Flea. Song, lyric by John Donne. [Soprano, oboe solo; 3 mins]


  12. I Live Again. Song for soprano and clarinet, lyric by Richard Crashaw.
  13. Scherzo [2 oboes]
  14. Gigue Cuivré. [2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone; 5 mins]
  15. The Chambered Nautilus. Tuba Quartet, finalist in the Miraphone Tuba Quartet competition. [Euphonium, 2 C Tubas, 1 CC Tuba; 17 mins]
  16. Epithalamion in Retrospect. (String quartet #1). [3 mvmts; 14 mins]


  17. Sonnet 23. Choral work, lyric by John Milton. [SATB 4 mins]


  18. Psalm 39. (1979-1982) Anthem for mezzo-soprano and orchestra. [soloist, orchestra 2,picc,3, bcl,1,EH,2,cbsn,2,4,2,tuba,perc incl. marimba, tamtam,harp, piano,strgs; piano arrangement available;
    8 mins]


  19. Russel's Back Yard, Score for television special; (13 numbers). [Mezzo-soprano, tenor, treble, chorus; piano, flute, cello, 23 mins, including 6 minute pantomime].
  20. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. Anthem. [baritone, orchestra; 12 mins]


  21. GTD 4600. Incidental music for a slide/sound program (17 numbers) [piano, violin, 'cello; 21 mins]
  22. Windcrossing. Incidental music for a PBS drama. Emmy nomination. (32 cues) [Harp, flute, piano, bass, 'cello, horn; 43 mins.]


  23. Grace Notes. Baptismal song [tenor, piano, violin; 3 mins]
  24. * Hospice. Incidental music for a slide/sound program, The Choice of Hospice, narrated by Jason Robards (8 numbers). [bass clarinet, guitar, horn; 12 mins]
  25. Trumpets 1,2,3. [three B-flat trumpets; 6 mins]
  26. Leda. Sonata [piano solo; 5 mins]
  27. Marzipan. Wedding celebration music [organ, violin, 'cello]
  28. * How to Play Piano Despite Years of Lessons. Theme music, and musical arrangements for Ward Cannel's 12-part cable TV program on piano lessons. [40 mins. saxophone quartet, various soloists; theme :20, piano solo]


  29. The Peaceable Kingdom. [Guitar and prepared tape from MIDI score; 2.5 min] Available JCM, recording available.
  30. Meditation. Incidental wedding music [organ, 'cello, violin, and trumpet; 4 mins].
  31. The Little Prince. Incidental music for a play adapted from the work by Antoine de St. Exupéry. (8 numbers). [piano, clarinet, violin; 18 mins].
  32. * Passarella. [Woodwind quintet, also arranged for piano. 5 mins.]
  33. Twin Compasses. [Piano solo].
  34. * Sonnet 128. Song. (Shakespeare). [voice and keyboard; 4 mins.]
  35. Windcrossing Orchestral Suite. [large orchestra, 14 mins.]
  36. * Martial Canons. Choral work; canons with lyrics in Latin by Martial (94 AD). [SATB; 12 mins]
  37. This is MSE. Music for interactive videodisc for marketing a communication system. [Synthesizer; 13 mins.]


  38. * Hedda. Incidental Music for the play by Ibsen; (4 numbers). [flute, piano/celeste, horn, 'cello; 9 mins.]
  39. Elegy for the Left Hand (For the Right Hand)—for the composer Carlo Stea, who lost the use of his left hand. [piano solo; 9 mins.]


  40. Modest Quarters. Blues [Clarinet, piano; 4 mins]
  41. * Another Tortoise, Another Hare. Full-length musical for community theatre (37 numbers). [flute, clarinet/harmonica, bassoon, horn, synthesizer, percussion, guitar, viola, 'cello; also piano score; 80 mins] Book available through Samuel French, Inc.


  42. Artsweek. Theme for a weekly PBS show [synthesizer; 11 mins]
  43. Winning Connection. Theme and stings for live videoconferences. [synthesizer, 1 min.]


  44. Flush or Faunus? Song; lyric by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. [soprano, 'cello solo; 4 mins]
  45. First Christmas. Song. [soloist, piano; 5 mins]
  46. Gigue au Père. [Piano, alto recorder; 3 mins]
  47. Rocking the Ark. Lullaby. [Piano and Violin; 2 mins].
  48. When The Nurse Presented my Infant to Me. Song; lyric by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. [Voice, piano; 5 mins]
  49. Purdy's Station. Incidental music for a PBS drama (25 numbers). Emmy nomination. [flute, trumpet, trombone, banjo, string quartet; 47 mins].
  50. Colt. Incidental music to documentary on Colt firearms (6 numbers) [Synthesizer, 12 mins.]
  51. Four Ways to Ten. Score to fundraiser videotape for Save The Children (4 numbers).
    [Synthesizer, 8 mins.]


  52. Farewell, Eighties, Farewell! Vocal quartet for corporate meeting, lyrics by Richard Felnagle. [SATB; 7 mins]
  53. VisNet Logo. Signature music for video signoff. [Synthesizer; 15 seconds]
  54. Henry's Birthday. Madrigal choral work for Wilton Singers' Elizabethan Feast. [SATB; 1.5 mins]
  55. Carrion Comfort. Choral work, lyric by Gerard Manley Hopkins. [TTBB; 8 mins]


  56. Earl of Oxford's Underscore (Wm Byrd). [arrangement] For satellite broadcast, [brass quintet; 1 min.]


  57. Phædra. Incidental music (scene changes and underscores) for the play by Racine, adapted by Richard Felnagle. (19 numbers) [clarinet, 2 'celli, 5-string contrabass; 40 mins.]


  58. Sonnet 76. Song (Shakespeare). [baritone; oboe, bassoon, clarinet, bass clarinet, horn, violin, cello, contrabass; arr/piano]
  59. A Dream Within a Dream. Choral work, lyric by Edgar Allen Poe. [SATB, a capella; 8 mins.]
  60. The Life Quixotic: String Quartet No. 2. [string quartet, 3 mvmts: 16 mins.]
  61. *Strange Attractors: Songs for Virtuosi: Soprano and Contrabass Solo. #1, Flush or Faunus? Lyric by Elizabeth Barrett Browning; #2, The Passionate Pilgrim, lyric by William Shakespeare; 3, The Regret of the Ranee in the Hall of the Peacocks, lyric by Laurence Hope. [Contrabass, Soprano; 14 mins.]


  62. Unhappy Planet. Choral work, lyric by Edna St. Vincent Millay. [SATB, a capella; 6 mins.]


  63. Eyes and Tears. Choral work, lyric from Andrew Marvell. [SATB with flute obbligato; 9 min.]
  64. * Spring and Fall. Song for Voice and 2 Accompanists, lyric by Gerard Manley Hopkins. [flexible combination of 'cello 1 'cello 2, viola, bassoon, bass clarinet, cor anglais; 4 mins.]


  65. Le Rosier. Choral work, lyric by DeLeyre (1750) [SATB; 4 mins.]


  66. Unchained Melody [arrangement](Alex North) [String Quartet; 8:00]
  67. Intermezzo (P. Mascagni)[arrangement] From Cavalleria Rusticana. [String Quartet, piano; 4:50]
  68. Tango in Dm (K. Weill) [arrangement] From Marie Galante. [Cello, piano; 3:00]


  69. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. Anthem, expansion of #19. [Organ, piano, baritone, choir; 12:00]


  70. Psalm 39 [arrangement] As in No. 17, for soprano. [Organ, cello 4:50]
  71. Feed My Lambs (Natalie Sleeth) [arrangement: 2 voices, piano, flute; 2:00]
  72. * September (W.H. Auden) Two stanzas from Auden's poem September, 1939; For the victims of 9-11. [Chorus, TTBB: 3:00]
  73. * Rondo Barbaro. Concert piece for piano, 4-hands. [piano, available as score, parts, or duo score; 2:15.]
  74. * Barcarolle di Mezza Luna. Piano solo, 2 mins.


  75. Day's End. Choral work, lyric by Warren Hope. [SATB; 1:30] (from Adam's Thoughts in Winter)
  76. The Clasp. Song for Baritone and piano. Lyric by Warren Hope. [:45] (from Adam's Thoughts in Winter)

  77. Victrola. Song for Baritone, Chorus and piano. [SATB 2:10] lyric by Warren Hope (from Adam's Thoughts in Winter)

  78. Final Flight. Requiem for a feathered friend. [and lyrics; SA: 1:00]

  79. *Tears of Darfur. Choral work [and lyrics; SATB; 5:50] (for AmeriCares 25th Anniversary)

  80. A Season of Bells. Choral work [and lyrics, SATB: :20] (for the Newtown Choral Society)
  81. The All-Purpose Carol (arrangement: chorus, piano, flute) [by John Forster; SATB, 5:30] (for the Newtown Choral Society)

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